The conference will be held at Faculty of Economics and Business

Address: Campus Universitario de La Cartuja 18071 Granada

Telephone: +34 958 243730 / 243733

How to get to Faculty of Economics and Business

In Granada there are 27 bus routes that run seven days a week from 6:00 am until 12:00 pm, including Sundays and holidays. 

You can check all the information about the bus routes in the following link:

To go to the University of Granada Business School (Facultad de Empresariales), you can use the following routes: (all of them have a stop just in front the Business School Building named “Profesor Clavera-Facultad Empresariales”).

Route U1

Route U2

Route U3

Is the fastest way to go to the Business School, and it is not expensive.

The Business School is not too far from the city center, but the building is located in a hill, so, in summer time it is not very convenient to walk there.